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2022-11-04 | Ink it

Julio Mondragon | Editor at Ink it

The publishing market has gone digital. Whether it’s a physical book or ebook, it has found a niche in digital bookshops, streaming publishing, digital libraries and ecommerce. However, it’s not enough to simply release your book on online stores, it’s essential you diversify your income using all the different channels available. But, do you know them all, and which are the best for your publishing house or project? We will talk about all the different options in this blog.


Digital stores (retail sales)

Digital stores are the most commonly known model, where users pay for each title they acquire. This is a virtual copy of traditional libraries, and focus on some of the biggest ebook and audiobook dealers, like Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo and Tagus. Definitely a spot where every author must be found.


Barnes & Noble’s cover


Subscription platforms (streaming)

Streaming platforms are the next step to take if you’re looking not for readers, but attention from multimedia consumers, who can watch a series on Netflix while they do house chores, or listen to a podcast while commuting to the gym. In these platforms, the user has access to all its content by paying a monthly fee. Some of the main subscription channels are Audible, Audible, Bookmate, Kobo, Leamos, Storytel, etc.


Bookmate’s cover


Digital library 

Some users’ needs go far beyond retail sales or streaming. Digital libraries were created for them, which are channels that offer catalogues to public libraries, schools and institutions. These are ideal for editors, and some of the most known ones are Bibliotheca, Bidi, Ebsco, Odilo and Overdrive.


Perlego’s cover


Publishing ecommerce

Although the latter business models are necessary showcases for any editorial project, these spaces are full of competitors. This is why both publishers and writers alike need an exclusive space where they can exhibit and sell their books. Thus, the existence of ecommerce: online stores exclusively created for a project or publisher, which represent an excellent sideboard where they can avoid competition and enable the search and purchase of books.


A digital store’s cover




Nowadays digital stores, streaming publishing, digital libraries and ecommerce have become essential components in a commercial ecosystem. Given the vast offer and the huge range of sales channels, it’s necessary to have the biggest possible presence, in order to diversify revenues.

For this, you can count on Ink it, the 360 platform that offers you all the digital services you need: ebook conversion, audiobook and ebook distribution, ecommerce, digital library, print on-demand and others. We strive to be the digital department that every publisher needs, so you can focus on what you do best: publishing books.

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