E-book’s Golden Opportunity

2020-05-19 | Ink it

Diego Echeverría | CEO at Ink it

Until not long ago, major publishing companies regarded e-books as mere complements to the physical book. Today, derived from confinement, these companies have chosen digital formats as their preferred option. This is how e-books, in terms of discounts, downloads, and sales, have become bigger. According to a news story from the Spanish newspaper La Razón, e-books have grown significantly in a short period. During quarantine, e-books have surpassed 50%, and sales are expected to grow further.

Another Spanish newspaper, ABC, demonstrated that digital reading doubled inside Spanish homes since confinement, according to a study conducted by the book subscription platform, Nubico. Nubico has tripled its users compared to previous months. In this vein, La Nación confirms that Argentina is turning table: This month, their new releases will be initially published in digital format, as opposed to first publishing the printed versions.

Everything points to the fact that this is the golden opportunity for the digital book. Current circumstances will favor a continuous growth during the following days and weeks. Furthermore, this scenario could represent a major breakthrough to the e-book industry, since more and more people are getting into the universe of digital reading. What are your thoughts?