Ebook myths and facts

2022-09-07 | Ink it

Julio Mondragon | Editor at Ink it

Despite its importance during the pandemic’s confinement, there are still those who consider digital books (ebooks and audiobooks) as lesser than print, a mere imitation. This idea is engraved in a series of prejudices that don’t allow us to really get to know the ebook and discover its advantages: from its convenience as a PDF file to its massive piracy. Is this true, or is it just myths that distance us from this new type of reading?

Ever since its commercialization at the start of this century, the ebook awoke a series of speculations surrounding its destiny, being the most extended one that the digital version would bury the print edition. But nowadays, both formats coexist within the multimedia consumer, that jumps from one screen and one content to another. Reading print or digital is no longer a dychotomy: the idea is to enrich reading through new formats.



Louisa May Alcott, Little women (ebook sample)


Indeed, digital does not mean PDF. Digital books are made to be read in digital devices, which is why it can adapt to many different screens like computer, tablet or smartphone (which is impossible for the PDF). Additionally, it’s enriched with tools that allow changes like types or font sizes, screen colour, highlighting, comments, searching on internet, generating qoutes, amongst other abilities.

Another advantage of both ebooks and audiobooks is that their cost is usually half of what the printed edition costs. And, by the way, it’s not necessary to acquire a ereader to read them, as there are hundreds of free ebook readers online. As for security, it’s important to point out that there are means to avoid book duplication, like the DRM (digital rights management).



Finally, there is a persisting idea that the printed book allows for a sensorial experience like no other: you can flip through its pages, smell them, feel it. However, likings aside, we can agree that both formats have the same purpose, each with their very own characteristics, that allow them to get close to different readers or different reading experiences of a same subject. This is why, if you’ve never read a digital book, we strongly suggest that you try it.


George Orwell, Animal farm (audiobook sample)


Nowadays, both the ebook and audiobook has becomed an excellent option for children, people with visual disabilities or old age, as well as people that like to hear audiobooks as they commute or engage in other activities. In the digital era, there is a world of options to enjoy reading. What digital options do you prefer?


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