Ink it Digital Library: The Netflix of Books, at Your Fingertips

2021-07-20 | Ink it

Mary Carmen Méndez | Commercial Manager at Ink it

A little over a year ago, our lives changed completely. Like in the The Jetsons, home office, video calls, and even telemedicine have become part of our lives. The future is in the air and, in the meantime, the winds of change are blowing through all industries, including the publishing industry. Now, digital content and e-commerce have earned a place in the market, but these are not the only options. Do you know what Ink it digital library is and why it is an excellent alternative to offer your catalog? In this article, I will explain it to you.

Ink it’s digital library is a cloud service software that allows you to upload your digital catalog and offer it in streaming format (Netflix-like). The platform is white label, allowing you to customize colors, menus, use your company logo, group your publications in carousels, etc. As if that were not enough, you set the business model: fixed fee, unit sales (a la carte), institutional sales (for schools or organizations), or free access. In addition, this site connects to your web page, so you will not need to invest in any hardware or equipment for its use and maintenance.

With our platform, you will be able to upload your books in PDF or EPUB, so you don’t need to convert them to a special format. It also has its own digital reader, so users can read the titles in the library with the utmost convenience. Due to its user-friendly design, you can manage it by yourself and receive 100% of the profits that your titles generate. And if you need content, we have more than 60 000 books from publishers in 11 countries at your fingertips.

Regarding the security of your catalog, don’t worry, our infrastructure is 100% reliable, since it is hosted on the same servers used by companies such as Spotify, AT&T, and BBVA, so it meets the highest quality standards worldwide. Also, your content will be shielded, since users won’t be able to reproduce, modify, or download it. In addition, our team of professionals will provide you with personalized attention 365 days a year.

As you can see, the virtual market offers you a wide range of opportunities to bring your publishing material to the reader. Among these, the Ink it digital library is a novel, practical, and friendly bet with which you can create your own community of readers and increase your sales.

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