Perlego and Ink it make education accessible to everyone

2022-07-11 | Ink it

Julio Mondragón | Editor at Ink it

Even in the digital era, accessing specialized books is complicated due to their high costs or lack of availability both in bookstores and digital platforms. Unfortunately, this forces thousands of college students to resort to piracy, (which helps them avoid getting a full book from which they only need one chapter) or simply because they cannot afford them. This complicates the access to education for millions of people worldwide. Is there a way to access specialized books legally and at a low cost?


  • 7 out of every 10 college students consider books an expensive asset.
  • 73% prefer to access books instead of buying them.
  • 70% don’t buy new books.
  • 35% illegally download books or buy photocopies.
  • It’s estimated that the losses due to piracy add up to 200,000 euros.
Source: Perlego, 2022.


The answer for this is Perlego, a platform designed to make education accessible to everyone, which is now available on Ink it to help publishers increase their sales and recover the revenue lost to piracy. Perlego has a repertory of 1 million digital books in 6 languages with a wide range of subjects like literature, history, education, technology, medicine, physics and others. Perlego is available worldwide, and has users in 175 countries of the 194 recognized by the UN.


“In the digital era, we believe that anyone should be able to learn anything in the world. Knowledge should be more accessible.” Gauthier van Malderen, co-founder of Perlego


But, how does it work? Perlego is a low-cost online library, ideal for college students and investigators. Once subscribed, users have access to all content, organized in 950 different subjects and easily accessible through several devices: computers, tablets and smartphones. It has different tools that make studying easy like a quote generator, wordsearch and note creator, amongst others.

Perlego isn’t just a great option for students but for publishers alike, as it has an attractive royalty model, which offers a higher rate to match the percentage of the book read and the number of titles canvassed under the same publisher, amongst other parameters.

So, if you’re a college student looking for a platform where you can access different books, or if you’re a publisher interested in placing your book catalog in an intuitive platform with worldwide reach that aims to tackle piracy, contact us and join Perlego free of charge. The online library that makes education accessible to all.


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