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An e-book (electronic book) is a digital publication that may include interaction tools.

Having an account with us does not generate any type of cost; You will only pay for the services you choose.

At Ink it we make sure that your content is converted correctly, that is, complying with the standards established by each store or, if you decide to convert it on your own, we verify that it has the necessary parameters of compatibility with mobile devices and ebook readers.

The intellectual property and legal rights to your publication, as well as the content and the file, will always be yours. Ink it only converts and / or distributes them.

That's right, the file belongs to you and you can download it directly from the platform.

Distribution via Ink it is optional.

We have coverage through the most important digital stores selling electronic books.

We are present all over the world, your books will be sold in more than 85 territories.

Your ebooks are converted into epub format, which is a standard file for electronic books, this format can be read from a computer to a cell phone through tablets and electronic ink readers.

Yes it is possible, you just have to create a "new project" in your account.

There is no exclusivity, but it is very important that your content is delivered only once in each store otherwise it can be confusing for the buyer. If you plan to convert your ebook on your own in addition to using Ink it’s distribution services, make sure they are not repeated so as not to duplicate content on any platform.

Yes, the main advantage of uploading your content through Ink it is that any change you want only needs to be done once and it will be applied in all the stores you selected.

Payment through bank transfer.

There is no penalty, You can, at any time, deactivate the distribution directly in your account.

It is an international standard electronic book format developed by the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) that works interchangeably with different readers. Its main characteristic is that the page format adapts to different screen sizes of the multiple e-book reading devices.

It stands for International Standard Book Number. It is a 13-digit international registration number used by the entire publishing industry to identify, classify, and market, both, physical and digital books. The ISBN grants you international registration, and no one else will have an identical number to confuse it with. As a benefit, this indexed number can be used as a search engine on the net, and in physical and digital stores.

It is not mandatory to have an ISBN, but it is important to emphasize that if you already have one for a paper edition of your book, it is not useful for the digital edition. You must process a different one. If you want to process it, visit the International ISBN Agency to find the agency responsible for issuing ISBNs in your country.

Every store has their own policies, so their participation is different. Through our system we will breakdown the percentages of each of them so that it is easy and fast for you to understand.