Promoting My E-books Online: The how and why

2020-06-11 | Ink it

Julio Mondragón | Editor at Ink it

Today, amidst the confinement that COVID-19 has brought along, the book industry had to turn the rudder around in order to overcome the storm. Some publishers that had their bets on selling physical books, have migrated to online platforms or expanded their digital offerings. Moreover, in the last weeks, e-book demand has increased considerably, becoming a more reliable option, as this format has lower production costs and its acquisition is immediate.

Now and then, the main stores offer editors the possibility to put under the spotlight their titles by the so-called latest releases (usually at a regular price) and sales promotions (e.g. Back to school, New Year’s) with discounts ranging between 25 and 50% off the regular price. Even though it may seem a lot, sales promotions serve as shop windows designed to increase visibility and, in consequence, to sell more.

In the first place, sales promotions should be understood as the best way to spread the word about your e-books. Secondly, you should learn how to balance your marketing strategies. Most surely, some of your books sell better, as opposed to titles that may need an extra boost to reach readers. At first glance, profit margins may seem reduced, but it is desirable to promote the latter, because, in the end, you still get earnings.

Every sales promotion needs an additional marketing strategy that enhances the impact on your readers. You can achieve this by posting on social media, launching email campaigns, placing web page banners, to name a few. The potential of your sales promotions will be supported by this buzz generated online and on social media. It is very important to seize the available technology that redirects the potential reader’s attention to the book you want to promote.

At Ink it, we recommend the following:

  1. Choose which books you’d like under the spotlight. Consider both, the number of sales and the discount percentage.
  2. Get involved with promotions. Remember to always spotlight discounts and new releases.
  3. Develop a marketing strategy to advertise spotlighted titles.
  4. Analyze your results. Compare and contrast your earnings before and after your title was spotlighted. Assess your publicity campaign and establish improvement actions for your strategy.

Finally, remember that Ink it helps you put under the spotlight your titles in online stores and provides consulting to launch your own sales promotions. Contact us, we will be happy to help you!